Implement Your Business Growth Plan (the 5 Steps)

In the workshop – you will learn the overview of the 5 steps to double your business. Every step has various actions plans that you can customized to fit your business. An outcome of the Workshop is that you will design your own "Business Growth Plan" and use that to implement over 90 days to 1 year.

Use of Online Tools

In the workshop – we will show you the online tools you can take to develop yourself and your company further. The tools can be divided into 2 categories.

Personal Development Tools

There are 4 tools you will use to improve your self-mastery skills (for this workshop). We will introduce to you the other self-development tools you can use for yourself or your staff. You would have done the first 2 tests online in this website before you came to the workshop.

Tool # 1 Personality Strengths

Learn to play to your personality strengths. Our personality determines how we behave, communicate and our overall attitude.

Motivational DNAs

Understand what motivates you and learn to craft strategies and action plans to drum up your motivation on demand and on a day to day basis.

Corporate Warrior Resilience Program

Find out how to improve your resilience levels and mental toughness, how to harness emotions on demand and cope better with the stress of doing business

Personal Productivity Program

Learn strategies to boost your personal productivity and gets more done in less time. Free your time to focus on what matters most to you.

Other Training Programs

We will show you all the various online assessment tools we have that you can use to train and develop your staff and give you the overall Staff Learning and Development Framework you can use.

Corporate Development Tools

Recruitment and Hiring Process and Tools used

Job Applicant Profile

Use this tool to help you profile all your job candidates. It is designed to help you ask all the right questions upfront to decide who to shortlist. This software also allows you to capture all the candidate information to be used as a job application form.

This software also does something that all other job portals don’t do. It will do a Job Career Profiling of the potential candidate to help you have more information to make an informed decision on who to hire based on job competencies and career fit in terms of personality and motivation and job alignment analysis.

If you do select and hire the candidate, the Job Applicant Profile will go into the Staff Folder or Docket to be kept as an official documentation.

For other candidates that you shortlisted and did not hire, you can then file up their Job Applicant Profile in a Potential Candidate File and from there, you can always keep in touch with them and give them a call when there is a new opening.

Job Interview Form

Use this tool to help you conduct proper job interviews. The design of this software takes into account all the latest recruitment best practices and techniques and "automate" the process for you.

It has all the latest questions inside which are designed to help you elicit the right response from the potential job candidate. There is a way to score the answer so that you remain objective in your assessment of the candidate.

You will get a report after the interview. This report will go into the candidate confidential staff docket if he is hired. It will also serve as an evidence of things said and mentioned during interview as an official record.

Staff Engagement and Development Process and Tools used

Staff Appraisal Form

Use this tool to set clear performance and behavior standards so that you can conduct an objective and fair appraisal that the staff will find hard to dispute and be clear on exactly what behavior to improve. Use this tool to manage performance and set standards.

For new staff, we will guide you on how to introduce them to the Performance Appraisal System that you are using and what they will be evaluated upon. We will also coach you on how to do an objective appraisal and how to tap on this tool to maintain performance and motivation level.

For current staff, depending on whether you have been using a Performance Management System or not, we will guide you on how to introduce them to the Performance Appraisal System you will be putting in place.

Because they will be evaluated now, there are usually resistance to the program and some of the staff may try to disrupt the process. As such, we will coach you on how to do a change management exercise to get their buy-in as well as how to tweak the compensation and benefits plan to encourage them to embark on this appraisal program.

Staff Engagement Survey

Use this tool to engage the staff and get feedback on what to improve on a yearly or bi-annual basis. We have a detailed and a concise version for you to choose and use. Some bosses like detailed survey but done once a year or every 2 years. Some may choose to do a concise survey every half yearly to calibrate the engagement of the team and to elicit ongoing feedback to improve the business.

Staff Suggestion Survey

Use this tool to allow all staff to give you feedback and suggestions for improvement on a need to basis. All feedback is kept anonymous and this ensure true openness in sharing. We will show you how to set up a reward system to encourage them to give good implementable solutions as often as they can.

Training and Development

We will introduce to you the other self-development tools you can use for your staff. For a full listing of tools, you can go to :

Our Training and Development Framework is:

The benefits of using our system are:


Learning do not take place over night. Oftentimes, staff neglect to factor in self-development because of other more pressing issues. This process ensures that all staff learn and grow at their own pace and time. The learning component will count in the annual job appraisal. If they do not invest time to grow, they will score lower points.


The assessments and trainings cover the most critical skills sets that all staff need to have. From overcoming the bad habit of procrastination to developing better Communications Skills, Selling Skills, EQ or Mental Toughness; we have all the tools and training in place to develop them in these areas. If the staff invest in 1 skills per month as their own self-improvement growth strategies, they will easily pick up 12 new skills a year. All these will only serve to improve their overall capabilities and competencies to do better at work.


Staff can do the assessments and learning at their own pace and time. They are not constrain to working hours for their personal development. Company can also explain to them that these training are provided for them for their self-improvement. Just like taking a part time degree course or a MBA program, they will have to learn to use their time to improve themselves because they are investing in themselves eventually.

Cost Efficient

Attending training can be very expensive. Other e-learning platforms are also not cheap and is not as comprehensive and detailed like ours. We offer a great corporate solutions for all companies (be it MNCs or SMEs) to ensure that all staff are given access to learn and grow.

Group Coaching

Being an entrepreneur and business owner can be a lonely journey. Very often you face problems that you cannot just confide to your staff. Oftentimes, you may also want to leave the spouse out of the picture unless they are very understanding and can also contribute constructively to help you face your challenges.

In our Group Coaching session, we will form groups of bosses from different non-competitive industries. Where possible, we will try to form groups of synergistic industries. There will be a Coach who will drive the meeting, impact key skills to help you grow your business, review your 5 steps implementation process and facilitate group sharing and discussion.

We came up with this Peer-to-peer Group Coaching concept to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Accountability
  • Peer-to-peer Learning
  • Cross Referrals of Business
  • Self-Actualization


Meeting up once a month with specific report cards sharing will force you to ensure you do what you promise to do to your fellow CEOs and MDs. This provide social pressure to keep to your promise and commitment.

Peer-to-peer Learning

You get to share your issues and challenges with the coach and other fellow business owners. This allow you to tap on the collective wisdom and experiences of all the other bosses to ensure you are able to make the best and most informed decision to solve a particular problem.

Cross Referrals of Business

We also encourage everyone to help to do cross referrals of business to help you tap on the collective network of every bosses in the group. This will energize the group and keep the deals flowing.


In the session, every boss will get the chance to prepare topics of expertise for them to share and teach the other bosses. This ensures you keep your knowledge up to date, helps you practice your presentation and communications skills and fulfill the self-actualization need in all of us to do things that we are most passionate about. And ongoing learning has the effect of making us happier and more engaged than someone who has "stopped learning".